Monday, October 19, 2009

Nine Dragons

Book No: 53
Title: Nine Dragons
Author: Michael Connelly
Genre: Mystery
Completed: 10/02/09
No. of Pages: 375
Rating: 4/5*****

I am a long time Connelly fan, in particular the Harry Bosch series. Over the years there have been some less than stellar books, but a so-so Bosch book is still better than most police procedurals out there. Nine Dragons however is among the best in the series. We get a vulnerable Bosch in this story, a man who will go to the ends of the earth to protect those he loves.

The book starts out fairly routine, Bosch and partner are called upon to look into the murder of a liquor store owner. During the investigation it becomes apparent that this murder involves a Chinese gang, a Triad, and they are notoriously violent. When Bosch makes an arrest the case turns on its head when it becomes clear that this gang has kidnapped Harry’s daughter, who lives in Hong Kong with her mother. In a race against time Harry flies to China to try and find his child.

Taking Harry out of his element brings a fresh feel to the story and the pacing of the book is at break neck speed, a sense of urgency permeates every page. We also get to see Harry in a new light, a man terrified for his daughter, bringing another facet to his personality. It is a book that keeps you turning the pages all night until you are done. There is more than one twist and a few shocking moments sprinkled throughout and the ending completely blindsided me. It also looks as if the next book is going to bring even more change for Harry. This entry in the series is a winner, a very enjoyable read and highly recommended.

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