Monday, October 19, 2009

Dune Road

Book No: 55
Title: Dune Road
Author: Jane Green
Genre: Chick LIt
Completed: 10/12/09
No. of Pages: 341
Rating: 2/5**

Jane Green, Jane Green where have you gone? After writing some of my favorite books (Jemima J, Bookends and Mr. Maybe) and a few fairly good others, I was pretty disappointed by Dune Road.

Dune Road is set in a tony Connecticut suburb, filled with trophy wives, soccer moms in designer duds and workaholic husbands. Kit Hargrove is recently divorced and trying to make a new life for herself and her children. Her best friend Charlie is a married to a successful banker (or financial planner or something) and she is a part time florist- they don’t need the money it’s just for fun. Tracy is a yoga instructor at a studio that she owns. These three women are the best of friends, always there for each other when needed (well kinda, sorta- not really). When the financial market crashes leaving Charlie destitute, Kit starts dating a new man, Tracy becomes involved with Kit’s boss and a mysterious stranger causes some havoc; everyone’s live will change. Excuse me while I yawn.

Cardboard characters, lame dialogue and some ridiculous plot lines caused me to roll my eyes a couple of times. The mystery of Steve the new man in town is pretty easy to figure out, the intent of the mysterious stranger is telegraphed from the start. I question the implausible easy forgiveness of some transgressions that frankly for me would take years to get over. By the end everyone is happy, except you because you paid $26.00 for this hardcover mess. It’s an easy read for the beach, be sure to borrow it from the library if you still want to read it.

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